Mission Statement

To provide integrity & excellence in everything it pursues and to develop environmental business opportunities that have a positive impact, as well as being sustainable.

About MAT Repairs

MAT Repairs is a privately owned company operating in the Province of British Columbia. We've been in business since 1992, and have worked closely with industry as well as the provincial and federal Ministries of Environment.

History and Focus

The new company MAT Repairs previously known as Target Recycling Inc. was founded, structured, nurtured through its 18 year evolution to demonstrate create and implement products process and technologies that provide sustainable solutions for waste material feed stocks that it utilizes. Throughout our growth the company has been nominated and awarded several environmental technology awards.

MAT Repairs continues to strive for environmental excellence. In the near future, our zero waste production facility on Vancouver Island will qualify for LEED's Platinum recognition. Further demonstrating the company's commitment

MAT Repairs started its recycling product development by launching into the Tire Derived Product (TDP) market with the introduction of the Hercules blast mat system. These mats have brought international recognition to MAT Repairs for building an industry specific product that has set new standards for durability. Like its predecessor, the Bush Master hoe chucking mat has also set new standards in the forest industry for ease of handling, stability, and longevity. Until recently MAT Repairs had been supplying Tire Derived Fuels (T.D.F) that completely closes the loop of recycling tires. By utilizing 100% of the residual from its scrap tire mat processing, the waste is shredded and used for Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) in a fluidized bed power boiler steam plant to generate electricity. Now that MAT Repairs is no longer involved in the scrap tire industry it utilizes scrap conveyor belting to manufacture its new and more versatile line of industrial matting. The residual from the production of these mats is ground up and used as riding ring shred for the Equine market.

Recently MAT Repairs has expanded its waste stream processing and product development into Plastics. Here MAT Repairs has a good relationship which is spawned by it processing materials that other companies do not. These materials are processed at MAT Repairs's zero waste facility in Delta, an area of Vancouver.

MAT Repairs' Associations and Memberships:

  • International Society of Explosives Engineers
  • NARRA (North American Recycled Rubber Association)
  • Plastic association
  • Provincial Ministry of Agriculture

MAT Repairs is looking to licence a manufactuer in the Province of Manitoba